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Parents' Testimonial

Annisa Ismail

Legal Consultant

My husband and I think that we have made the right decision by choosing Green Montessori School (GMS) for our daughter. We were looking for an Islamic-based school; we had several options in mind but none felt quite right. However, when we arrived at GMS, we were immediately charmed. The school area is homey and green, true to its name. When we heard more about GMS’ values and method, that was when we knew we had found the school we’d been looking for.

We like how GMS encourages and instills independence and confidence in each child by allowing them to choose their own activities in class. More importantly, we especially appreciate GMS’ method in teaching Islamic values that are respectful, considerate, and open-minded, shared not through lectures but integrated into the children’s daily activities of du’a, prayers, and interaction inside and outside the classroom.

John Lorne Colombo

Power Plant Consultant

Green Montessori has provided our child a balanced environment and comprehensive curriculum. The Montessori framework empowers him to be a self-learner and take pride in his progress. The school is welcoming and warm, and encourages students to help each other to deepen both their own knowledge while also developing the ability to explain to others what they have learned.

We have also appreciated the responsiveness of the teachers and staff, in particular the regular updates on our child’s progress and the opportunities to gain insight on how to help them at home in order to supplement their in-class learning, as well as provide feedback to the teachers.

Wiji Wijaya

Housewife & Social Influencer

Green Montessori School is an eco-friendly environment and has a good layout and space. Our children often get involved to do small things for the school activities and events that allow them to learn many new things outside the formal academic study. I believe that these activities can affect our children's development and shape them as a good influence for many people around them.

Tengku Temmy Rifindo

General Manager of Investment

GMS was love at first sight for me, my wife, and my daughter Eiliyah four years ago. GMS, based on our understanding, is a school that combines Montessori method with Islamic values and also environmentally-mindful approach. Aside of that, GMS also uses English as their academic language.

Within these four years, we have witnessed positive development and gesture from our daughter in terms of Islamic values, language, social development and independence which we as parents believe will become an important foundation for our daughter’s future life.