Our Philosophies

Our Philosophies

Discover the excellence of

Personalized Education

"The best thing to offer to children is a loving relationship."
- Maria Montessori

We provide learning activities that optimize children’s potential and are tailored for each learner.

Green Montessori School has always considered itself as a unique and modern school since its early days. Our firm belief to have a personalized education is not commonly found in other schools in Indonesia.

Unlike other schools, we try to place the ownership and responsibilities of learning activities on our students by providing them with plenty of opportunities to choose from, to manage, to do self-reflection on a daily basis. We believe that the personalized education will not only make the learning activities in the classroom more exciting, relevant, and personal to their hearts, but also helps them to be more motivated toward their study – unleashing their true potential in the future.

Understand the Guidance

Islamic Values

We encourage children to spread Islam as Rahmatan Lil Alamin (blessing for the whole world and its content). Based on their gratitude to Allah SWT, the children will promote peace and kindness to all His creations.

Our Islamic teaching is not only limited to Islamic practices and knowledge, but also promotes our students to become the ambassador of Rahmatan Lil Alamin value through real-life contributions and projects to the community as well as being respectful and mindful of other cultures and religions.

We envision Green Montessori School as a school that gives parents and families a peace of mind and heart because they know that their children are getting the best of duniya (material world) and deen (the afterworld) in a loving and caring atmosphere. A sincere commitment that does not only extend to our founders, but also to our teachers and staffs — Inshallah.

Nourish the Human Potential


We apply Montessori as our educational approach to nurture happy lifelong learners.

Montessori is our love at first sight. Given its long track record, Montessori has continuously proven itself as a fascinating, holistic, and innovative learning method even in this twentieth century.

Our classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori materials, which are designed to provide scaffolded, concrete, and hands-on experience to help students comprehend various concepts at ease.

Applying student-centred Montessori philosophy also means that all students are welcome to pursue their interests by working with different Montessori materials to others.

Promoting holistic development of human beings also means that we encourage our students to have a balanced development in all aspects namely cognitive, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical.

In Green Montessori School, we believe that loving a child means supporting them to become a functioning adult. The daily routine of washing plates after use, eating by themselves, packing their own bag, cleaning classrooms, and other similar activities will cultivate strong foundation of self-responsibility, self-independent, and self-discipline at an early age; characters that will impact your children’s lives significantly in adulthood.

Achieve the Common Goal


We provide a harmonious collaborative environment for a sustainable future.

Montessori facilitates collaborative learning among peers by using three-year age groupings, which are Preschool & Kindergarten (3-6 years old), Lower Elementary (6-9 years old), and Upper Elementary (9-12 years old). Mixed-Age Class ensures that children moving through the group will be exposed to both older and younger peers, facilitates imitative learning, peer tutoring, interactive class, and collaborative all around. It also provides children the opportunity to learn about respect, empathy, tolerance, and appreciation for individual’s differences.